CCRC Meeting, Candidate Forum!

Greetings Fellow Patriots of Campbell County and Beyond!

After a really great April meeting, when we heard from our nominees for Constitutional Offices, the May meeting will have its own “first” to offer (at least in my memory): our first candidate forum! We also have great news to share about our CCRC Webpage. To accommodate this new business, you will notice that we have streamlined our agenda, as we strive to make this the third consecutive meeting to wrap in under one and a half hours.

I’ll share more on these topics shortly, but first, I must hereby issue this official call to the next monthly meeting of the Campbell County Republican Committee on Tuesday evening, May 23, 2023, at 7 PM EDT in the Board of Supervisors meeting room in Rustburg, Virginia. Please see the attached agenda for the specific street address.

The highlight of this meeting will be a “candidate forum” to allow you to make side-by-side comparisons between two candidates seeking our endorsement in the race to represent the Spring Hill District on the Board of Supervisors, and two candidates seeking our endorsement in the race to represent the Spring Hill District on the School Board. The intent is to help all of our CCRC members make their most informed decisions when voting on which of these candidates to endorse at our June 27 meeting.

Here’s how it will work. The chairman will serve as moderator and will pose questions that have been submitted in advance by you members of CCRC to the CCRC Executive Committee (None of these questions will be shared in advance with any of the candidates). The two candidates for Board of Supervisor will be asked a question, and each candidate will be allotted two minutes to respond. The time limit will be enforced by an appointed timekeeper with a very large and visible timer. The next question will be directed to the two candidates for school board, again with the same time constraints. In the second round, the candidates will answer in the opposite order (ie, the candidate who responded first in the previous round will answer second in the next round). We will repeat this pattern for a maximum of five questions for the School Board candidates, and five questions for the two who are vying for the Board of Supervisors.

To reiterate, each candidate will be allotted two minutes to answer five questions which equates to 10 minutes each, or 40 minutes in total. So, we will merely be changing the format while retaining the time previously allotted for the process. Again, all answers will be controlled by an appointed timekeeper with a very large and visible timer.

Further, our intent is for our candidates to be asked questions that you want to ask. With this in mind, we are asking you to send your questions to us via one of two methods. You can email your questions to “” (1781 being the year Campbell County was established), or use the “Candidate Question Submission” form on our webpage at ““. Please submit your questions no later than midnight Sunday, so the Executive Committee will have an opportunity to select the five questions that will be asked of candidates for our School Board endorsement, and the five that will be asked of candidates for the Supervisor endorsement.

Note that a little parliamentary housekeeping will be required to clarify the format for the forum as described here. At our previous meeting, a motion was approved to limit the four candidates to 10 minutes each for a total of 40 minutes. Since we have already heard speeches from each of the four candidates, we strongly suggest that the side-by-side question-and-answer format, subject to the same 40-minute limit, will be the better way to empower all of you to make the most informed decisions possible when you vote on which candidates to endorse at the June 27 meeting.

As if the forum isn’t news enough good news, however, Concord District Captain Jeremiah Melvin will share the really tremendous strides that have been made on the “relaunch” of our CCRC Webpage. I am very confident that you will all be very pleased with the “new look”. As just one example, I am still attaching a few documents to this notification email. Going forward, I will only need to provide links to those documents on our Webpage, which should make things easier for all of us.

Before closing, I must call your attention to the latest from the Eric Zehr campaign, including breaking news on a fundraiser for Eric, sponsored by our own Vice-Chairwoman Becky Nix and Paul Nix at their beautiful home in Concord. Those of us who attended their fundraiser for Bob Good last summer can atest to the spectacular views and the hospitality. Click on this link to learn more: ““. For all things Eric Zehr, you can also check this link: ““.

Of course, we will have to conduct the “usual” business before the forum and webpage update, but I promise to keep the Chairman’s Report short for this meeting, and the only item after those on the agenda are “new business” and “adjournment”. So we should be able to continue our string of one and a half hour meetings.

I look forward to seeing all of you at our meeting next week.

Doug Barringer, Chairman

Campbell County Republican Committee

VA HD51 GOP Legislative District Committee

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