Jeremiah Melvin

Jeremiah grew up on the outskirts of Appalachia Ohio, where he came to faith in Christ, was active in church, and even served as part of a church plant. He left there to go to The Ohio State University, where he served in a campus ministry and eventually graduated with a BA in Philosophy. Upon graduating, he took a position as a youth and worship pastor at a Baptist church in Illinois. It was here that he met the love of his life, Star, who had been hired by the church a year after him. After serving in the church for 3 years, they decided to leave for Jeremiah to continue his education in seminary. Several attempts were made to complete his master’s, but in the end it was decided that family should not be sacrificed upon the altar of education, and it was left incomplete. Throughout that time the Melvins grew, eventually culminating in a family of 6. Nowadays, he provides for his family as a telecommunications design engineer, and seeks to honor Christ by raising his children in the Lord, and through his political service in his community.